FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Do you want to buy my "The War Illustrated" magazines?
No, sorry, I already have all of them.
What are my magazines worth?
Not much I'm afraid, prices vary, but you can get a good impression by search Ebay.com for other magazines.
Why are there so little photos online?
Scanning the photos from the articles doesn't give a exceptable quality. So I rely on photos found on the web, Wikipedia for the most. Because the magazine is British, some pictures are held by the Imperial War Museum. They have recently opened up there archives but aren't as open (yet) as the Americans, who've put most of there World War Two images in the public domain. Other images are still being withheld by large companies like Getty Images who still claim copyright from pictures taken seventy years ago. If you have photos from the articles and want to share them with me, please use the contact form to get in touch.
What do the yellow dots mean before the links?
Articles with photos are indicated with a yellow dot in the article lists, so it's easier to distinguish the 'illustrated' articles.