To The Workers of London

The Poets & The War XXXVII

By M.D. Anderson.
The War Illustrated, Volume 3, No. 64, Page 560, November 22, 1940.

You should be proud, the humdrum and the weak,
Not versed in war nor schooled to high performance,
Who bear no shield but your own mute endurance,
Carry no sword but keen-edged Cockney laughter.
You should be proud indeed, for when men speak
Of this or that great hour of Time, hereafter:
"London once saved Man's liberty", they'll say,
"And those who fought their unheroic way
Through nameless dangers to mere drudgery,
Helped thus to hold a new Thermopylae."
Are you not proud, the humdrum and the weak?

The Observer

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