'Ajax' of River Plate Fame Hits Hard Again

The War Illustrated, Volume 3, No. 64, Page 533, November 22, 1940.

Photo: 'Ajax' of River Plate Fame Hits Hard Again. This great column of smoke marks the end of the "Artigliere", an Italian destroyer sunk in the Mediterranean by H.M.S. "Ajax" on October 12, 1940. The British ship engaged three enemy destroyers, including the "Artigliere", which, after being disabled, was taken in tow by a consort; the latter cut the painter and left the damaged ship to her fate on sighting other British forces. The British ships threw rafts overboard to help the survivors and signalled their position. H.M.S. "York", from which this photograph was taken, sank the "Artigliere" with a shot that struck the magazine. Photo, G.P.U.