In a Heavy Sea

The War Illustrated, Volume 3, No. 61, Page 468, November 1, 1940.

Photo: H.M.S. Repulse. In a heavy sea a British battle-cruiser is putting out from port. The great weight of these ships and their high speed makes them inclined, like battleships, to cut through the waves rather than ride over them, while their comparatively low freeboard causes them to ship more water forward than would a merchant ship in similar weather. At the outbreak of war the British Navy had three battle-cruisers, "Hood", "Renown", and "Repulse", but no other navy had adopted this type of warship. The displacement of the "Renown" and "Repulse" is 32,000 tons, with a peed of 29 knots, but the "Hood", the largest warship afloat, has a displacement of 42,100 tons and a speed of 32 knots. Photo, British Official: Crown Copyright.