Across the Arid Plains of East Africa Races a Troop of Britain's Fames Somaliland Camel Corps

The War Illustrated, Volume 3, No. 48, Page 98-99, August 2, 1940.

Photo: Across the Arid Plains...

One of the finest and at the same time most picturesque regiments among the British forces in Africa is the Somaliland Camel Corps, a troop of which is seen here on the great plain of Tugwijaleh, which is covered with grass burnt so yellow that it reflects the heat of the sun more fiercely than sand. The men of the Camel Corps are used to such conditions, and their white officers quickly become inured to them. In peacetime the Camel Corps number just over 400 officers and men.

In the fighting against the Italians in East Africa, the Somaliland Corps have greatly distinguished themselves. They have made frequent daring raids across the frontiers, a typical one being that in the middle of July, when they raided the Abyssinian frontier post of Daberabo and destroyed 20,000 rounds of ammunition - a most important piece of work, for the Italians have many hundred miles of frontier to guard with no hope of replenishing their ammunition. Photo, Paul Popper.