What British Bombers Did at Bremen on the Weser

The War Illustrated, Volume 9, No. 217, Page 370, October 12, 1945.

Photo: What British Bombers Did at Bremen on the Weser. Germany's second largest port, Bremen was a prime target for attacks by the R.A.F. from May 1940 to April 22, 1945 - five days before its capture by the British 2nd Army. Onslaughts included one of the early 1,000-bomber raids, on June 25, 1942. As seen in this remarkable air photograph, the result presents a mighty reconstruction problem. Sole edifice in this district to escape the fury was a massive air-raid shelter (centre). Constructed of ferro-concrete of immense thickness, this type of shelter had a minimum height of some 50 feet, and accommodated between 5,000 and 10,000 people. Photo, British Official.

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The Luftschutzbunker is the one in the Zwinglistraße in Bremen.