Freed at Hongkong They Sing God Save the King

The War Illustrated, Volume 9, No. 217, Page 365, October 12, 1945.

Photo: Freed at Hongkong. Over 2,000 British internees in Hongkong sang God Save the King as the Union Jack was hoisted at Camp Stanley on August 30, 1945 - the first time for almost four years. They were freed by Rear-Admiral Harcourt's force (see page 356), which included the carriers Indomitable and Venerable, carrying special medical supplies for prisoners of war. The naval task force was relieved on September 12 by the Third Commando Brigade, under Maj.-Gen. F. W. Festing (who led the 36th Division in N. Burma), newly-appointed G.O.C. China Coast. Photo, British Official.