Moving up into Battle

The War Illustrated, Volume 8, No. 183, Page 72, June 23, 1944.

Photo: Moving up into Battle. Moving up into battle over the Cassino plain, massive Sherman tanks roll on to help smash the Germans at San Angelo, important village south of Cassino in the Gustav Line area. This photograph was taken during the early stages of the concerted Allied attack on the Gustav Line which commenced on May 11, 1944. Initially, in the Cassino plain push tanks took a primary part, advancing by day while the infantry moved up at night to consolidate. Against fanatical enemy resistance the Allied tanks and British and Indian infantry of the 8th Army stormed their way through barbed wire entanglements and minefields under a rain of fire directed against them from fortified enemy positions on the mountainside above. The key point of San Angelo fell on May 13. Photo, British Official.