This Trawler Helped to Send a U-Boat to its Doom

The War Illustrated, Volume 7, No. 177, Page 681, March 31, 1944.

Fish was the quarry of H.M. trawler Imperialist before the war; now she hunts U-boats. Since early 1940, when she discarded fishing nets for guns and depth charges, the Imperialist has gained for herself a long record of achievements; she is credited with having shot down a German Condor aircraft which attempted to attack an Atlantic convoy, and with assisting at the capture of an enemy blockade runner. Her latest exploit, announced on Feb. 20, 1944, was a great part played in destroying a U-boat in the Straits of Gibraltar.

Describing this successful attack, the Commanding Officer of the Imperialist, Lieut.-Cmdr. B. H. Craig Rodgers, R.N.V.R., said: "The first salve from our 4-in. gun crippled the enemy's forward gun. The Imperialist's smaller armament must have scored nearly a hundred hits. The U-boat submerged or sank, so we proceeded over the position and dropped some more depth charges about four tons in all."

Built in 1939, and in peacetime sailing from Hull, she began her fighting career in the early days of the Norwegian campaign.