As the Sun Came Up On Invasion Day

The War Illustrated, Volume 7, No. 161, Page 176-177, August 20, 1943.

Photo: As the Sun Came Up On Invasion Day. With Pick and Shovel the Way is Cleared. Our ships and men crowded the Sicilian beaches as dawn broke on July 10. Coastal batteries had been silenced and shore defences vanquished, and troops and naval beach parties up to their waists in water could work unhindered at the task which was to occupy them without pause through the coming day - the landing of vast quantities of stores, all the varied paraphernalia of war brought for the invaders' use by the Royal Navy. Beach roads had to be prepared without delay. As Royal Engineers and Pioneers laboured to level a way through boulders and rocks of the landing ground, vessels with bows wedged in the shallows prepared to disgorge heavy traffic that would presently pour in that direction to the firm island roads: guns, tanks, trucks, cars, ambulances, jeeps almost without number, for a speedy link-up with the fighting troops thrusting victoriously inland. Photo, British Official: Crown Copyright.