Lancasters over Hamburg: High Level of Daring

The War Illustrated, Volume 6, No. 149, Page 599, March 5, 1943.

Photo: Lancasters over Hamburg. Crossing the North Sea in a gale, one of the worst for many years, R.A.F. bombers on Jan. 30, 1943 raided Hamburg for the 94th time. In 30 minutes a great weight of 4,000 and 8,000 lb. H.E.s was "cascaded" on the dock and U-boat yards, which stretch for 9 miles along the Elbe, and huge fires were left raging. This photo gives a vivid impression of the raid as it appeared to the crew of a Lancaster. Another Lancaster is seen silhouetted against a background of fire and flak. Photo, British Official: Crown Copyright.