Fierce Battle off Guadalcanal

The War Illustrated, Volume 6, No. 146, Page 488, January 22, 1943.

Photo: Fierce Battle off Guadalcanal. Fierce Battle off Guadalcanal. On Nov. 12, 1942 U.S. naval forces bombarded Japanese shore positions on this important island of the Solomons, and during these operations the enemy lost 30 out of 31 aircraft sent to attack the American ships. This photo shows a Jap plane plunging to destruction after it had dropped a bomb near the U.S. cruiser San Francisco (centre) and had been shot down by intensive A.A. fire. It was shortly after this engagement that the San Francisco was slightly damaged and 30 men killed, as the result of a disabled enemy plane crashing on her. It was later announced that among those killed were Rear-Adm. D. J. Callaghan (flying his flag in this ship) and Capt. C. Young, the San Francisco's commander. (See illus. p. 393.) In the foreground is a U.S. cargo transport. Photo, Associated Press.