Japanese Bombers in the Solomons

The War Illustrated, Volume 6, No. 140, Page 296, October 30, 1942.

Photo: Japanese Bombers in the Solomons. Japanese Bombers in the Solomons delivering a fierce attack on American warships and transports. At the beginning of August 1942 America Marines landed on three islands in the Tulagi area, and in spite of strong enemy opposition, both on sea and in the air, managed to consolidate their positions. The top photograph shows four Japanese bombers, three of them flying so low as almost to skim the water; they are sweeping in for a low-level attack on the U.S. ships, some of which are seen on the extreme left. In the lower photograph, taken during the same action, one of the Jap bombers, visible just above the water line, dives to attack through the terrific barrage put up by a formidable concentration of American guns. Photos, Central News.