The War Illustrated, Volume 6, No. 135, Page i, August 21, 1942.

Photo: U.S. Aircraft-Carrier Yorktown. U.S. Aircraft-Carrier Yorktown and other fighting ships of the American Navy throw up a heavy screen of A.A. fire to beat off a squadron of Japanese torpedo-carrying planes during the Battle of Midway Island in the Pacific last June. The aircraft-carrier and her escort were unsuccessfully attacked during a crucial phase of the battle by thirty-six enemy aircraft launched from the Japanese carrier Hiryu - subsequently destroyed; but in a further attack by torpedo aircraft the Yorktown (left) was hit. Photo, Sport & General.

Historical context, by the webmaster

USS Yorktown was attacked the next day (June 6, 1942) by the Japanese submarine I-168, which sank the destroyer USS Hammann alongside the Yorktown, the Yorktown would sink the next day.