Our Diary of the War

The War Illustrated, Volume 6, No. 134, Page 127, August 7, 1942.

1,040th day JULY 8, 1942, Wednesday
Sea.- Moscow announced that German battleship Tirpitz had been torpedoed and damaged by Soviet submarine in Barents Sea.
Air.- Strong force of R.A.F. bombers raided Wilhelmshaven at night.
Russian Front.- Russians evacuated Stary Oskol; fighting still going on west of Voronezh.
Mediterranean.- Day and night raids on Malta.
Africa.- In El Alamein sector our fighting patrols took some prisoners.
Burma.- R.A.F. bombers made intensive attacks on Jap-occupied territory.

1,041st day JULY 9, Thursday
Sea.- Russians sank two transports and tanker in Baltic.
Russian Front.- Stubborn fighting west of Voronezh and round Rossosh.
Mediterranean.- Thirteen enemy aircraft shot down over Malta.
Africa.- Our mobile columns engaged enemy units and forced them to move northwards.
China.- Chinese recaptured Nancheng, Ilhuang, Tsungjen and Changsuchen.
Australia.- Allied aircraft raided Dilli in Portuguese Timor.

1,042nd day JULY 10, Friday
Sea.- British submarine sank two enemy supply ships in Mediterranean.
Russian Front.- Rossosh evacuated by Russians; fighting round Kazemirovsk, to the south.
Africa.- At El Alamein our troops attacked in northern sector and made five-mile advance; in southern sector enemy advancing eastwards was engaged.
China.- Japs made new landing in Chekiang at Juian, near Wenchow.
Australasia.- Jap bombers made heavy attack on barracks and shipping at Port Moresby.

1,043rd day JULY 11, Saturday
Air.- Several squadrons of Lancaster bombers attacked submarine building yards at Danzig and Flensburg by day.
Russian Front.- Fierce fighting on outskirts of Voronezh; battles also raging at Kantemirovka and Lisichansk.
Africa.- Our troops in northern sector consolidated positions in captured territory; 2,000 prisoners taken. Light naval units and naval aircraft attacked Mersa Metruh.
China.- Japs occupied Wenchow on Chekiang coast; Chinese recaptured Futou Island near Foochow.
U.S.A.- Jap cruiser bombed at Kiska, Aleutians.
Australasia.- Jap bombers attacked shipping at Port Moresby, where, it was announced, American troops are stationed.

1,044th day JULY 12, Sunday
Russian Front.- Russians evacuated Kantemirovka and Lisichansk; fighting at approaches to Voronezh and in neighbourhood of Boguchar.
Africa.- Enemy attack driven off in northern sector. Heavy raid by R.A.F. on Tobruk.
Burma.- R.A.F. bombers attacked Jap concentrations in Kalewa area.

1,045th day JULY 13, Monday
Sea.- Announced in Canada that three Allied ships had been torpedoed and sunk in Gulf of St. Lawrence.
Air.- Strong force of bombers attacked Ruhr by night.
Russian Front.- Fierce fighting round Voronezh and Boguchar; further Russian withdrawal east of Lisichansk.
Africa.- Enemy tank and infantry attacks beaten off in northern sector.

1,046th day JULY 14, Tuesday
Russian Front.- Fierce fighting round Voronezh and Boguchar.
Africa.- Enemy tanks and infantry attacked at Tel el Eisa.
Australasia.- Allied air units raided Alor Island, off Timor, and aerodrome at Salamaua, New Guinea.
General.- Vichy rejected proposals by President Roosevelt for removal of immobilized French warships at Alexandria to a safe port.
General DeGaulle's movement changed its name to "Fighting France" (La France Combattante).

1,047th day JULY 15, Wednesday
Sea.- Our light coastal forces destroyed a heavily-escorted enemy tanker off French coast.
Air.- Nearly 200 Spitfires took part in intensive fighter sweeps over N. France.
Russian Front.- Russians announced evacuation of Boguchar and Millerovsk; heavy fighting round Voronezh.
Africa.- In central sector our forces captured ridge to S. of El Alamein. In north enemy were partially successful at Tel el Eisa.
Burma.- R.A.F. bombers renewed attacks at Kalewa.

1,048th day JULY 16, Thursday
Air.- Sterling bombers made daylight attack on submarine building yards at Lübeck and Flensburg. The Ruhr was also raided by day.
Russian Front.- Fighting continued in area of Voronezh.
Africa.- Tank battle developed in central sector for possession of Ruweisat ridge.
Burma.- R.A.F. made low-level attacks on Akyab.
China.- Chinese recaptured Tsingtien in Chekiang. Allied bombers raided Hankow.

1,049th day JULY 17, Friday
Air.- Single aircraft of Bomber Command raided the Ruhr in daylight.
Russian Front.- Fighting round Voronezh and S.E. of Millerovsk.
Africa.- Efforts to dislodge our troops in northern sector failed. Tobruk raided in force by heavy bombers, while our naval aircraft and light naval forces attacked Mersa Matruh.
China.- Chinese recaptured Wenchow and Juian.
U.S.A.- Washington announces that Japs have occupied undefended islands of Kiska, Attu and Agattu in Aleutians.

1,050th day JULY 18, Saturday
Air.- Lancaster bombers raided the Ruhr in daylight. Russian bombers attacked Königsberg.
Russian Front.- Fighting continued round Voronezh and S. of Millerovsk.
Africa.- In central sector our troops advanced along Ruweisat ridge. Tobruk raided by our heavy bombers and Mersa Matruh bombarded by our naval forces.
Burma.- R.A.F. bombers made attacks in Kalemyo area.
China.- Chinese recaptured Hengfeng and Iyangin in eastern Kiangsi. Allied bombers made surprise attack on aerodrome at Canton.

1,051st day JULY 19, Sunday
Air.- Large-scale attacks by our bombers and fighters in N. France. By night four-engined bombers raided submarine building yards at Vegesack, near Bremen.
Russian Front.- Evacuation of Voroshilovgrad announced by Russians; fighting continued in Voronezh area and S. of Millerovsk.
Africa.- Our troops maintained their positions in all sectors. Since July 14 4,000 prisoners taken.
China.- Allied air force bombed Jap headquarters at Linchuan. Chinese recaptured Chienteh in western Chekiang.

1,052nd day JULY 20, Monday
Sea.- Admiralty announced loss of H.M whaler Cocker and H.M trawler Kingston Ceylonite.
Air.- Russian bombers again raided Königsberg.
Russian Front.- In region of Voronezh the Russians captured a bridgehead.
Africa.- Patrol activity on land; large-scale air attack on enemy aerodrome near Fuka. Navy again bombarded Mersa Matruh.
China.- Japs recaptured Wenchow.
Burma.- R.A.F. renewed their attacks on Akyab.
Australasia.- Jap bombers damaged aerodrome in raid on Port Moresby.

1,053rd day JULY 21, Tuesday
Air.- R.A.F. fighters made low-level attacks in occupied France and Belgium. Single aircraft raided N.W. Germany by day; strong force of bombers raided Duisburg and the Ruhr by night.
Russian Front.- Fighting continued in area of Voronezh and S.E. of Voroshilovgrad.
Mediterranean.- Allied bombers made daylight raid on shipping in Suda Bay, Crete.
Africa.- N.Z., Indian and S. African infantry launched attack on enemy positions during the night.
Burma.- R.A.F. attacked coastal craft in Akyab area and Jap base at Kalewa.
Australasia.- Allied bombers attacked Jap convoy off New Guinea.
U.S.A.- Navy Dept. announced that American submarines had sunk three more Jap destroyers near Kiska.

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