America Speaks! Let Aggressors Beware!

The War Illustrated, Volume 5, No. 114, Page 319, December 10, 1941.

Photo: U.S.S. North Carolina. U.S.S. North Carolina, mighty American battleship, firing a salvo from the triple 16-inch guns of her forward turret. First to be completed of six battleships of the Washington class, the North Caroline has a standard displacement of 35,000 tons and carries a main armament of nine 16-inch guns. Although some of the ships of this class were not originally scheduled for completion before 1943, it is probable that, in view of Japan's aggressive policy in the Pacific, they will take their fleet stations much sooner than was at first contemplated. The Washington was commissioned on May 15, 1941, and the Indiana was launched on Nov. 21. Photo, Sport & General.