Sgt. James Allen Ward

The War Illustrated, Volume 5, No. 103, Page 71, August 22, 1941.

Sgt. James Allen Ward, the 22-year-old New Zealander who won the 7th V.C. awarded to the R.A.F. in this war. He received the award for putting out a fire aboard an aeroplane returning from a raid over Munster. When crossing the Zuyder Zee his aircraft was attacked by a Messerschmitt 110, and fire broke out near the starboard engine. Sgt. Ward climbed through the narrow astro-hatch, and, breaking the fabric to make hand- and footholds where necessary, he descended three feet to the wing and proceeded to a position behind the engine. In great danger of being blown off the aircraft Sgt. Ward smothered the flames in the wing and endeavoured to push an engine-cover which had been used as a cushion through a hold in the wing on to a leaking pipe where the fire originated. The peril was averted, the flight home was made possible by his great courage, and the damaged plane was landed.

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