Have you ever sat for long hours under the fluorescent light or the direct light, which are coming in through the window? If yes, then you will agree with me that, after some time, your eyes start itching and you also experience a mild headache. For the eyes generally, people rub through their palms. It is very important, to find the solution for this problem for the people who have to sit long on the study table. One solution to fix this problem is to place a good quality study lamp on your table. The lamp will light up the area and help in the reduction of the above-mentioned, issues. Let us look into some points which you should ask yourself before buying a study lamp.

  • What is the purpose of your desk lamp: You might say the purpose of the study lamp, is to get good lighting on the table. You must look at the size of your table and at what time you are going to use it the most. If you have the best lighting while you are studying. Automatically it will reduce the eyes strain and that will increase your productivity and concentration.
  • How much light do you need? : There is no need to prove that the low lighting condition will affect your vision. First, it will start from eye irritation, then you will get a headache which will in long run lead to vision issues. The area where you are going to study must be illuminated properly. There are some measurements according to your table size. So based on those calculations, you should buy the study lamp.
  • Where will you put the study lamp? : The position of your study lamp also matters a lot. When the lamp is placed in the correct position it will give you correct lighting. It is advised that one must keep the lamp fifteen to thirty-six inches away from you. Another important factor is which side you should place the lamp on. If you are a right handed person then place it on left and if you are left handed person then place it on right. This will help to reduce the shadows that fall on your table.
  • Is there a power source where you are planning to place the lamp? : Make sure the lamp which you are going to use on your table should reach the power plug to get the electricity.



Hope you will think about the above points before buying a study table for your home.

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