Buying a condo is always beneficial. But managing and maintaining it for a very long time usually required to know over here. Being a condo owner, you will be benefited more than affected. Even if you rent your condo, then also you will get benefited from maximum rental amounts. So, choosing the right condo-like east coast condo singapore matters to you to get more profit.

Here besides plenty of benefits with condo ownership, you might have experienced some drawbacks too:

  • If you keep on researching about the best condo buy like east coast condo singapore then you will not probably face risks from any end. Even though, you are advised to notice some drawbacks being a condo owner.
  • Maintenance, insurance, repairs, other amenities, etc. Relevant fees or costs is the biggest drawback. Based on your condo size, repairing works, maintenance factors, and what not? Some condo communities charge more costs eventually. This is the major drawback to some condo owners who couldn’t afford it and might take out a decision to resell it due to these high costs fees.
  • You know being an owner, you also have to take responsibility for the amenities renovations or repairs sake by paying the HOA community monthly sometimes. For example, if you are asked to renovate the existed parks over there, you have to give your share of the amount along with other condo owners too. Sometimes the cost will be more. You have no right to say it is not your responsibility as you are a shared condo ownership person along with other homeowners in that overall community. And of course, it is the basic rule.
  • Especially rules or limitations is the biggest drawback with these condos even though you are the sole owner of your condo. For example, you don’t have the right choice to fix the type of furniture to your condo. It means both the exterior and interior looks of your condo can’t be easily decided by yourself solely. Because individual condos of that entire community look must be same as decided by HOA only of the respective condo community. Here rules are as strict as serious where the community might not allow all kinds of color painting sometimes. This is why reading all the instructions carefully is required before buying a condo to become a condo owner.

the key benefits of condo ownership:


Hope all these three drawbacks are killing challenges to buyers actually to experience condo ownership. This is why condo ownership is not so easy as buying the condo that you love. Research in all the ways that you are comfortable enough is equally important.

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