Moving out of the place where you have spent most of your time and finding a new one is one of the most exciting yet daunting tasks of your college or university life. The task is even bigger when you are an international student somewhere in Adelaide. If you are looking for student housing adelaide, you are about to get the best news.

There are many housing services you will find in Australia, but Y Suites should be your first preference as it stands out for many reasons.

Types of student apartments

Y Suites offers you a wide range of affordable student apartments to everyone – whether you are an international student or someone local looking for accommodation near the university campus. The fully-furnished apartments at Y Suites ensure that you get a comfortable and enjoyable stay. The types of apartments to get are the following:

  • Studio premium

If you are very particular about your privacy and own space, you might want to have this suite. It has a queen-sized comfortable bed, storage space, personal bathroom, and kitchen. You can relax at the end of the day as you enjoy the night view of the city.

student housing adelaide

  • Studio deluxe

For a comfortable, spacious, and safe haven, you should get studio deluxe. It has a king-sized bed to ensure you sleep well with a study corner.

  • Ensuite standard

This apartment is perfect if you love to bond with your friends over food. It is a self-contained studio with anensuite bathroom so you don’t have to share. The lounge area doesn’t let you feel lonely.

  • Shared studios

When you love being socially interactive while keeping somewhat private, you can always opt for shared studios like 2, 8 – bedroom apartments.

Y Suites on Waymouth in Adelaide is perfect for you if you love the city lifestyle. With this student housing Adelaide, you get the convenience and easy access to Central Market and Chinatown right out of your apartment. You will find a distinguished oasis of restaurants, tea shops, and late-night hotspots. There’s a mall right in the center of South Australia just minute’s walk away from your apartment.

When you get student housing offered by Y Suite at Waymouth Street, you expose yourself to the city experience with unparalleled convenience.

With Y Suites, you need not look anywhere else for housing requirements. Once you have started living in the apartments, you will fall in love with city life even if you aren’t that much of an outgoing person. You will love the studying period in Australia way more when you have the right accommodation service.

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