Agreen roof system is basically the addition created to the roof of an existing building that is partially or completely covered with vegetation. These types of roofs are also called vegetative or eco-roofs.Excellent quality green roof solutions include the most important features of high-quality waterproofing, the right drainage system, and root repellent to ensure that the structure remains safe and undamaged.

Who are the best green roof solutions providers?

Sunseap is known as the main distributor of optigruen’s patented green roof components and organic growing substances for urban landscaping in South East Asia Their green roof systems are light in weight and cost-effective for people, which means, they require little to no maintenance. They are primarily responsible for extending the lifespan of the roof waterproofing membrane and are widely known to provide an amazing and beautiful roof.

What is the uniqueness of the green roof solutions by Sunseap?

Sunseap’s green roof solutions fundamentally emphasize urban sustainability and enhance the beautiful value of the properties. They provide immense greenery in which more carbon can be absorbed by the environment, thereby gradually reducing the number of greenhouse emissions.

green roof systems

What are the benefits of using green roof solutions by sunseap?

  • Helps in reducing the ambient temperature- This means that 50% of the temperature is absorbed by the roofs and 30% is reflected back. This greatly facilitates the indoor climate as air-conditioning systems do not have to work too hard, thus ultimately lowering the overall electricity bill.
  • Helps in absorbing rainwater- A green roof is responsible for absorbing all the rainwater with the help of the water buffering in the plants, substrate, and drainage layer. This mainly results in delaying the discharge of rainwater into the sewage system, which reduces the risk of flooding and majorly purifies the rainwater.
  • It is responsible for protecting the roof- A green roof solution protects the roofing materials from external elements such as sun, rain, winds, and temperature fluctuations. It has the capability of doubling and tripling the life span of the roof, which can stretch up to 60 years and more.

What is the objective behind the sunseap green finance framework?

Under the framework, sunseap organization will enable green financing instruments to finance green projects in three main areas: renewable energy, energy efficiency, and green roof systems.

Sunseap group’s vision and mission

  • Vision- They work to provide affordable, clean energy for everyone.
  • Mission- Initiates to provide clean energy utilities and sustainably offer decarbonizing solutions.

Final thoughts

Sunseap Group is the largest and most established clean energy provider in Singapore and provides the best services for its customers. It is highly recommended to choose their green roof solutions that come with various features and benefits for the customers. They deliver value to their customers and majorly focus on customer satisfaction.