Electropolishing is the process of electrochemical polishing which is almost identical to what is the reverse of the process of electroplating. This process offers maximum resistance from corrosion to the stainless steel surfaces. The most evident benefit of this process is the decorative appearance and the resulting brightness to the component that is processed. The metallurgical advantages of electropolishing stainless steel are more useful; they leave the component corrosion resistant to a great extent and also makes it hygienically pure besides the procedure is also versatile and cost-effective.

Benefits of stainless steel electropolishing

Benefits of stainless steel electropolishing

  • High corrosion resistance of the surface when a stainless steel is electropolished the surface becomes upto 35 x more resistant to corrosion then a component that is not electropolished.
  • Hygienic sterile surface as a result of hydrogen removal from the surface of the stainless steel this makes it practically impossible for formation of bacteria.
  • Pristine bright reflective surface that gives a brand new appearance to the component.
  • The electropolishing process identifies non metallic impurities or inclusions on the surface of the stainless steel therefore it can act in the form of a non destructive test and make sure that the instrument it may not fail in the operative state.
  • Limited surface drag and friction which helps in the Entrapment of corrosive substances this is a result of a smooth surface that looks like glass.
  • This procedure can also polish areas that are otherwise inaccessible when using other methods.
  • It can reveal any flaws in the metal surfaces that are otherwise undetectable this is an ineffective inspection tool that is used for making a assessments of metal surfaces.
  • This process has the ability of processing several parts simultaneously.
  • It is not just a coating of the surface; there is zero risk of any feeling or distortion of the surface overtime.
  • The surface finish becomes renewable therefore function and longevity is also increased there is less need for disposing of any equipment and instruments.

Easy Cleaning

  • It substantially decreases the product adhesion and contamination because of the smoothness of the electro polished surface which is a lot like a glass surface.
  • It substantially decreases time needed for cleaning the surface letter electropolished, maybe hydro blasted effectively with the use of less pressure and less time a lot of businesses have reported that because of the electropolished procedure that was used for the recruitment the time that is utilised for cleaning has reduced almost by 50%.
  • It improves the maintenance and sterilization of hygienic surfaces for beverage, drug, food and other processing equipment.
  • Flipkart offers good stainless steel passivation. It also unipotentialises the stainless steel components with the absorption of oxygen by the surface and it creates a monomolecular film.
  • It decarburization metals and removes metal oxides that are cold worked

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