Technology has been the defining feature in the 21st century, a tool of progression through which business enterprises and global dynasties have formed, ushering in an age of convenience, the likes of which had never been seen before. And while all that may be well and good, technology has brought with it an issue, e-waste. Electronic waste is described as any waste that is generated from electronic devices which may need to be disposed of; with a new technology that is upgraded and bettered in every which way coming to the fore every year, the generation levels of e-waste worldwide have skyrocketed. Join us as we dive into the world of e-waste and e waste recycling and disposal in singapore.

The problem

E-waste is being generated on a larger scale than ever. The e-waste issue, however, is not just that. It lies in the fact that it is extremely hard to dispose of because it is housing hazardous materials that require special care when being dumped. These hazardous materials have made dumping e-waste a massive problem that haunts the global stage and has afraid environmentalists and citizens worldwide.

The solution 

E-waste recycling is one of the best ways to dispose of e-waste; not only would you be ensuring safe dumping but also –

– Sustainability.

– Lesser use of natural resources.

– Preventing the overfilling of landfills.

– Creating awareness of recycling practices.

E waste recycling and disposal in singapore


– Reduced need for landfills – The need for landfills reduces when e-waste recycling is done; when e-recycling is done, the item that was meant to be disposed of is once again re-purposed into something else that can be used.

– Creates less pollution – Through re-cycling of e-waste, you’d be ensuring that you’re creating lesser pollution by not dumping it into a landfill or in any other way.

Consuming lesser energy – When you e-recycle, you ensure that you’re consuming less energy and creating a more sustainable environment in the trade.

E-recycling is the best way to ensure that you’re dumping these hazardous materials in a way in which they don’t harm our planet or us. It is the responsible way of dealing with the disposal of your electronics. Dumping them along with general waste or dumping them into a natural resource can have adverse effects that may be more far-reaching than you might imagine. If you are based out of Singapore and care for environmentally sustainable dumping, then make the right call and recycle your e-waste through the many centres that carry out e waste recycling and disposal In Singapore.

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