In Dover's Straits the Nazis Swooped

The War Illustrated, Volume 3, No. 47, Page 72, July 26, 1940.

Photo: In Dover's Straits the Nazis Swooped.

Towards the close of a beautiful day (July 14) - one so clear that from Kent's shore the white cliffs of France could be clearly seen - a convoy of Allied merchantmen was steaming steadily up Channel. Suddenly forty dive-bombing Junkers, escorted by Messerschmitt fighters, plunged out of the sky.

Some impression of the dramatic scene is conveyed in this photograph taken when the battle was at its height. On the right, two bombs have fallen just astern of an escorting destroyer; note the huge column of water from one burst. The small white splashes mark the impact of bomb fragments, while white puffs proceed from the destroyer's belching A.A. guns.

Nine of the Nazi warplanes were shot down into the sea, but no damage was caused to our ships. The convoy continued on its way Photo, British Newsreel Assn. Film.